Broad Studio Services


Broad Studio is committed to making sure we are the right fit for your needs. The beginning of any Broad Studio project starts with a free consultation where we learn about you and your needs and let you know our ideas and approach. If we seem like the right fit, we will move forward by creating a detailed plan and the project officially starts when you approve that plan. 



Your brand is more than just how people recognize you, it's the core of your business or organization's identity. Each brand tells a story and that story goes well beyond the colors or shapes of your logo. Your logo, typography, and communication style tell the world who you are. If those elements are telling the wrong story or conflict with each other, you will turn off the public before they get a change to know you. Whether you need to build a brand from scratch or update an existing one, we help make sure your brand is true to your story, appeals to the demographics you need to access, and that you how to use that brand moving forward. 



Does your website need to be updated? Not sure if you should be on social media? It's easy to be pulled in a lot of directions when it comes to managing a digital presence and often businesses and organizations find themselves spread too thin. We help you determine what kind of digital presence makes sense, how to best create that presence, and develop strategies to make sure you are reaching your consumer base effectively and efficiently.


Web & Graphic Design 

 Our team has a diverse range of experience with digital and print design.  We've worked on projects ranging from logos to websites including responsive websites, print templates, power point presentations, and illustrations. Whatever the project, we will thoughtfully craft a solution based on your needs.