Broad Studio Portfolio

Here are some examples of the work we've done with past clients. 

If you are interested in further work samples, please contact us


Nancy Peterson is a licensed clinical social worker in Champaign, Ill. and she was looking to update her branding and website. Nancy wanted branding that reflected her personal and professional identity and a website that was more accessible on a wide range of devices. 

It was important to Nancy that her professional experience be showcased without undercutting her accessible, and supportive personality. It was also crucial that all materials were clear and easy to follow.

The logo we created reflected her personal style heavily while still being clean and professional. 


We then used that logo in a business card template that was clean, simple, and had ample room to write notes on the back. This same design was also applied to a letterhead template.  

We created a responsive website for Nancy that felt open and relaxing and told a clear story. 


One very important factor was making sure the website made it clear who Nancy is and what working with her is like so people looking for mental health support know if she is the a good fit for them. 

The site also prioritized tools to help patients make their appointments and to know what to expected from their first appointment. 

Doug Peterson, Author and Educator

Doug peterson is an Author and Educator in the Champaign, Ill. area and he wanted a redesign of his branding and website. 

For the branding Doug wanted a logo that was dynamic and hinted at history and the passage of time.  The horse has been important to humanity throughout history so it was a symbol that appealed to Doug and it's breaking out of the the frame was a simple way to imply the passage from one time or place to another. 


For the website it was key that is be a responsive webpage that showcased Doug's work along with all the educational media like events, blog posts, books, and videos. 




The Institute for nonprofit leadership

We donated our services to create branding, a logo, and website as well as a range of print templates for this new nonprofit.

INL Logo.png
 We created a  simple, responsive website  to give them a web presence while we work with them to create a more comprehensive site. 

We created a simple, responsive website to give them a web presence while we work with them to create a more comprehensive site. 

 We created a thumbnail and profile image for their Facebook page. 

We created a thumbnail and profile image for their Facebook page. 


Matthew Schiffman, Data Scientist

Matthew Schiffman is a Data Scientist from the Chicago area who was looking for a personal brand, website, and business card that reflected his professional passions and set him apart during the job application process. 

Matt's professional passions include neural networks and machine learning so we came up with a personal logo that was a stylized neural network diagram. The brand colors represented input and processes in the logo diagram and the output was a stylized cube with all colors, representing an output that reflects the whole process. 



The business card showcases this logo on the back with Matt's information on the front. 


For the website we created a feature image that was itself a reflection of neural networks and machine learning. We started with a photo of Matthew Schiffman standing on a street in Chicago. 

We then took this image and ran it through over 50 different deep dream generator scenarios, each of which was asking an artificial intelligence to recognize and stylize elements of the photograph into a new version of the original image. We experimented with single and multilevel interpretations, the later involving taking an already stylized image and asking deep dream to interpret it again in a different way. 

This experimentation process created very interesting shapes, colors, and textures that we then layered and merged to create the website header image.

The website itself was created to be a simple and accessible showcase of Matt's professional skills and projects as well as providing a link to his resume and multiple ways to contact him, including a contact form. 

The website is a single page design, with a simple navigation bar that is always present on the right side of the screen on larger devices. On smaller screens the menu is available via a small icon on the top right corner of the screen. 

In the menu there are icons to connect with Matt over Linkedin, GitHub, and email. 

To make sure Matt could get the full use of this brand moving forward, he was given a simple style guide that showed the text fonts and styles as well as the colors used in terms relevent for print and web use.